VM2202 Crystal Oscillator

  • Reference signal source

  • Output signals 1, 5, 10 MHz

  • High precision




The high stable Signal Source principle of operation is based on using standard oscillations of a precision crystal resonator. Small size is achieved thanks to using an SC-cut crystal resonator and surface-mount technology in the Crystal Oscillator.

The internal crystal oscillator 10 MHz frequency is converted into 5 and 10 MHz synchronous signals.

To provide continuous operation the Module is equipped with a connector to apply stand-by power. The transition to a stand-by power supply is performed automatically without signal characteristics degradation.

The Crystal Oscillator metrological characteristics allow to build precision mobile measurement systems on the base of the VXIbus for solution of metrological problems in various branches of science and engineering.




Output signals: 10 (3 outputs), 5, 1 MHz

Output signal voltage (RH=50 Ohm): 0.8–1.2 V

Average relative two-sample frequency variation: 2.10–11 s

Frequency ageing after 24 h continuous operation: ±1.10–9/day; ±1.10–7/year

Relative frequency deviation from the value set after swith-on:

after 5 min            ±8.10–7

after 15 min          ±2.10–7

after an hour        ±3.10–8

The Module is powered from a Mainframe:


Voltage, V

Current consumption

Dynamic value, ID

Peak value, IP





Max. power consumption: 19 W

Cooling at 10 ° C overheating:

air flow (at 0.5 mm H2O): 1.5 l/s

Operating temperature range: from –10 to + 50 ° C

Dimensions: C1-size

Weight: 2.0 kg