History of IEM KVARZ


The Institute of ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENTS (IEM) KVARZ is the largest enterprise in Russia for development and manufacture of radio electronic measurement instrumentation.

It was founded in 1949 in accordance with the Government Act of the USSR Council of Ministers as R&D Institute (NII-11) with a pilot plant in an effort to further develop the basis of a radiolocation industry branch.

The IEM KVARZ traces its origin from the famous Radio Laboratory of Nizhny Novgorod which was founded in accordance with Lenin’s decree dated December 2, 1918.

Since its foundation the Institute started R&D works aimed at finding new trends and new types of radio electronic equipment. The first Standard Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers and Electronic Voltmeters were developed and manufactured here.

In May 1956 in accordance with the government act NII-11 was fixed as a leading institute in the sphere of electronic measurement equipment and was given a new name – the Central R&D Institute (CRDI-11 and from January 1967 the Gorky R&D Instrument Producing Institute).

In the end of 80s the Institute accomplished 33 % of R&D works of the former USSR in this branch of activity.

In 2004 the Institute was given a status of a State Basic Scientific Centre in the sphere of precision measurements. Later in 2006 the Institute was given a status of Federal Scientific Production Centre.

Nowadays the Institutes develops measurement instrumentation of a new generation in the mm-wave range up to 178 GHz. More emphasis is placed on further development of scientific-production base. The program of the production equipment and reconstruction allows to master new high technologies.

The IEM KVARZ is the leader in radio measurements in Russia.

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